Bose 51 Landscape Speakers

Free Space® 51 environmental speakers

Bose 51 Landscape speakers


Bose environmental testing Bose weather resistant speaker and waterproof speaker testing simulates exposure extreme conditions to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance simulates exposure to sunlight, rain, heat, ice, salt and water—proof of the extreme conditions these outdoor speakers can endure and still deliver reliable, long-lasting performance.

Radial design These outdoor speakers have a radial design for exceptionally broad sound coverage of these unique outdoor speakers enables 360-degree sound dispersion for exceptionally broad outdoor coverage.

Downward-firing, full-range driver (4.5″) This Bose outdoor stereo speaker design includes a downward-firing full-range driver and centrally located port deliver the depth and richness of your favorite music. The weather-resistant driver makes it possible to enjoy year-round sound from a rugged landscape speaker specially designed for outdoors.

Domed port grille This Bose outdoor stereo speaker design includes a domed port grille works in concert with the centered port to reflect high-frequency tones into the listening area. Enjoy clear, consistent performance for your favorite music outdoors.

Specially designed enclosure optimizes the speakers’ overall acoustic performance for even, full-range coverage over a large listening area.

Polymer fiber composite driver cone ensures high quality sound reproduction that is resistant to the type of deterioration often caused by extreme conditions.

Centrally located port This Bose outdoor stereo speaker design includes a centrally located port enhances low-frequency performance to deliver the depth and richness of music outdoors.

Sturdy weather-resistant construction allows the speakers to deliver consistent, reliable performance that withstands the rigors of year-round outdoor placement and up to 350 pounds of pressure. Five-year guarantee.

Green speaker cabinet designed to blend in with backyard greenery.

Base flange with mounting holes provides easy, solid and secure installation on hard surfaces or in the ground.

Three wire grooves on speaker bottom prevent the speaker from rocking on the speaker wire, allowing a professional-looking installation on decks, patios and other flat surfaces.

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