Home Automation to Enhance Security and Convenience

With Secur-Tek’s smart home solutions, you can stay informed and in control of what’s happening in and around your home – whether you’re in the kitchen or across the continent.

Control4 Smart Door Locks

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are an excellent feature to include in a home automation system. With door locks incorporated into your smart home you can:

  • Lock and unlock from anywhere
  • Go key-free
  • Let the right people in – give visitors a code that only works when YOU are expecting them.
  • Track who’s coming and going – view door lock history and receive text messages to confirm when someone arrives home.
  • Stop worrying if you locked the back door – secure your home with one touch!
  • Open and close your garage door with the myQ app

Control4 Lighting

Automated Lighting Control

Perhaps you’d like to create the perfect atmosphere in any room of your home. Maybe you simply want to save energy. Either way, Secur-Tek can put intelligent lighting at your fingertips:

  • Never come home to a dark house. You can have lights automatically turn on at dusk, when you unlock or enter, or even create a pathway of light to welcome you home.
  • Program your lights and televisions to turn on and off at specific times to make your home appear occupied – and less likely to be a target for thieves.
  • Save energy by setting lights to turn off when a room is left unoccupied for a specified amount of time.

Sensors for Safety and Emergency

Your smart home can connect to your security system, including standard sensors like smoke and fire detectors. Depending on your needs, Secur-Tek, Inc. can also include:

  • Monitored carbon monoxide detectors – CO has no odor, color, or taste, and large amounts can be dangerous. If this happens, the fire department will be notified, and you’ll get an alert even if you are away from your home.
  • Automated water shutoff – Every year nearly one million families have their homes ruined by water damage. These unexpected incidences can result in costly repairs.

Special Uses of Automation

Senior citizens – Automation can make life simpler and safer for everyone, but especially senior citizens. Remote monitoring can be set up so caregivers of senior citizens, family members, or security / medical personnel can check in on the activities of Seniors at home. For example, a sensor on the medicine cabinet or a camera in the kitchen could be an unobtrusive way for the caregiver to remotely monitor key activities.

Pets – Secur-Tek, Inc can provide greater peace of mind for both new and seasoned pet owners:

  • Check-in or talk to your furry friend anytime with Resideo Connect.
  • Monitor and talk with hired pet setters to ensure your special friend gets everything you want them to get.
  • Open locked doors to let neighbors or friends in when you’re unexpectedly delayed.
  • Ensure the safety of your pet and property – get alerts if gates are open, or if there’s smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding water, or extreme temperatures.
  • Remotely adjust temperatures or lighting during the day and evening in the rooms your pet is located to ensure their continual comfort.

And, if you’re worried about the security sensors being set off by your pet – with Secur-Tek’s expert custom installation, you can rest easy in that the motion sensors can distinguish between your pet and intruders, for pets (up to 80 lbs.) so Fido can roam freely around the house without tripping an alert.

Automation to Simplify Your Home Entertainment

smartphone control panel home automationTouch a button and play a movie in your home theater. Adjust lights, and temperature with one touch and create the desired room ambiance for your movie night.

Enjoy music as you walk from room to room and even outside with multi-room audio. Simplify your controls – use one remote to control everything, including audio, video, and home theater.

Professional Installation

To keep your security and automation information safe, all system devices are installed, programmed, and tested by a certified, background-checked Secur-Tek technician and secured servers provide another level of protection against hacking.

Custom systems to fit your needs

At Secur-Tek, Inc. we listen and help you design the security and automation system that gives you just what you want and can use.
For more information on the security and automation system that is right for you, please call us at 919-387-1800 or fill out the form below for a complimentary consultation.

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