Halloween Hootenanny & Home Security!

PumpkinYou know it’s Halloween time when there’s a slight chill in the air, the leaves have begun to turn and fall, and there’s the frenzy of ghoulish-super-hero-ninja-giant-banana-princess costumes vying for space among the Christmas decorations!

Like most of your friends, family and neighbors, you’ve probably decided on the costumes, purchased the candy corn, chocolates, and pretzels, and am waiting ever so patiently for October 31st to arrive so that you can begin the trek around the neighborhood, just to get home and see who has gotten the most candy and treats. While trick-or-treating can be a fun-filled adventure, a time where family and friends can gather together with a shared agenda, it is also a time that opens your home up to criminals.

Vandals, burglars and other like characters know that you won’t be home, not just from a visual perspective, but this is one time where they can ring your bell and have a reason for doing so. Before you go out with the kids, make sure that your home is safe and secure. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your most valuable possession is safe because you’ll be just around the block – always be aware of your home security. Lock your doors and windows.  Set your security system.

Take the few minutes before you go spookify the neighbors to help ensure that you’ll return to your home just the way you left it.

And have a safe and fun-tastic Halloween!

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