Residential Cameras for Security Monitoring

Total Connect Cameras

Resideo Total Connect cameras allow live remote video monitoring.

  • Wireless cameras send 10 second email clips when there is motion detected in front of the camera.
  • Homeowners can use this feature to be notified when someone comes to the front door, kids come home from school, or to watch a newborn. They also can monitor jewelry or gun safe.
  • This remote monitoring feature can be accessed with a smart phone, iPad or computer.

Honeywell Cameras with NVR

Honeywell CameraWith technology ever on the move, surveillance systems have changed for the better. If you are tired of grainy non-identifiable picture quality then HD video surveillance is the best option for surveillance systems available to residential and commercial users.

Using current technology Secur-Tek, Inc. can use your existing analog camera wiring and upgrade your system to HD video quality or install a complete new system

Why use IP Video Surveillance?

Like CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) systems, HD video surveillance records events. However, video surveillance is completely digitized, using an HD camera with the video distributed over an IP network. Benefits of a video surveillance system include:

  • Easy installation and user-friendly
  • Better quality images than standard CCTVs
  • Easily distribute recordings via email
  • Easily store video contents
  • Viewable, storable and manageable via mobile applications or web applications, from anywhere, anytime

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