Structured Wiring and Home Theater Installation

Apple TV, Chrome, Roku
Do the words Apple TV, Roku, Netflix, Google TV and Sling sound familiar to you? These and similar services offer TV video streaming that will use your existing network wiring to send video content to your home TVs.

Don’t Overload Your Wireless Network

You might think that you do not need network wiring because you intend to use your wireless home network for streaming information to your home TVs and other devices. Be aware that video streaming can overload your home wireless network, limiting what content you can send and at what speed. For example, when streaming a movie using your wireless network, the network can become overloaded, resulting in annoying episodes of buffering.

To avoid these issues, we can have a CAT6 network wire installed at all TV locations for a wired connection that provides better security and a faster download speed.

Structured Wiring for New Construction

Structured Wiring Image
The network wiring infrastructure of your home is the pathway that all future technologies will use to send and receive information. Technologies are changing quickly and having proper writing done during the construction phase will prepare your home for these advances.

If you are building a home and would like to know more about the benefits of structured wiring, contact us.

Wiring Upgrades

Even if the wiring was not installed when your home was built, Secur-Tek’s technicians can add this cabling. Our excellent support team can design your home wiring network to allow you to take advantage of current and future technologies.

“What a great experience! I just moved into a new house right before Christmas and needed them to get us set for the holidays asap. I used them to install some new TV’s on some walls, along with a surround sound speaker system and programmed my remotes. They also set my house set up for WI FI, X Box, and our security system. Our salesperson Marc was fantastic. If you want a job done right call these guys. They have you covered.”    Christopher B., Chapel Hill NC,  January 2020

Call Secur-Tek today at 919-387-1800 or use the contact form below to discuss wiring needs for your home or business. 

Home Theater and Entertainment System Installation

Home Theater TV Installation

Tired of trying to find the right remote? Secur-Tek can install home theater and complex entertainment systems. We can also clean up your wiring and combine your remotes so you can control all of your electronics from one device.

Security & Home Automation