Tips for Child Safety

One of the wonderful things about kids is their natural curiosity, lack of fear, and openness to new ideas, possibilities, and people. Given this, it is often hard for parents to teach their children the balance between trust and caution – but kids need to know how and when to be aware, at what times cautious, and what to do when needed.

To make this easier, here are a few tips to help keep your child safe.

For younger children:  Help them memorize their name, address (including city and state), and phone numbers (including area code) of your cell, office, or close relative or guardian. Role play a few situations and have them recite this information to you under varying circumstances.

For older children:  Review who to call in case of fire, injury, or other emergencies. Post an emergency phone list on the refrigerator or other place where the children can see it. Include 9-1-1, your work and cell numbers, numbers for neighbors, and the numbers for anyone else who is nearby and trusted. If they have a cell phone, make sure they also have those numbers stored in their phones.


Have a plan and practice reacting to an emergency. Even if your child is a “tween”, do not assume they know what to do or that they will act safely under stress. Tweens can lose awareness easily and practice will help for it to become automatic.  


Talk with children and adolescents about staying alert to possible threats. Non-verbals can have a major impact in certain situations and walking/running confidently is a great preventative tactic. And of course, stress the importance of walking and playing with friends and not alone or isolated. Review where to go given certain threatening situations and also remind them to tell a trusted adult immediately if anyone, even a teacher or close relative, touches or speaks to them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

For children staying home alone:

  • Establish a periodic check-in procedure to follow, calling you at work or checking with a neighbor or relative.
  • If you have a security system, show them how to disarm and arm the system once they are safely in the house.
  • Remind them not to let strangers into the home, for any reason. Show them how to view people on your property or at your door. A security system with cameras and a video doorbell is useful for this – you can view your porch or property and let your child know if there is something they should do, like pick up a package that was delivered.
  • Tell them not to answer the phone unless they recognize the caller ID — and never tell telephone callers they are alone.
  • Remind them to be alert when arriving home from school. They should scan the doors, windows, driveway, and shrubbery for disturbances. If something doesn’t look right, or a door is ajar or a window is broken, they should immediately go to a trusted neighbor’s house and call the police.

Reviewing and practicing these simple safety procedures will give both you and your children confidence, reduce stress, and even possibly avoid an unpleasant situation.

At Secur-Tek, we care about you and your family’s safety. The security systems we install can help give you peace of mind — here are some examples:

  • The security system can send you a text message when children arrive home or leave – anytime they disarm or arm the security system.
  • You can add cameras to your security system to monitor your home swimming pool area. This allows you to check on anyone using the pool – especially if unauthorized individuals have trespassed.
  • The security system can help keep valuable or potentially dangerous items secure. For instance, it can text message if a child enters a hazardous area such as gun safe, medicine cabinet, or tool shed.

If you have any questions concerning securing the safety of your home or other property, please contact us at 919.387.1800 or fill in the form below.

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