Access Control

keyfob for access controlAccess control systems provide secure and safe access to buildings and offices. Door access control systems and keyless entry are useful for property managers, building owners, professional practices, and small businesses.

As well as controlling access to your premises, which can deter theft or vandalism, access control systems can be integrated with your security system.

Features that can increase convenience and provide cost savings include:

  • Secure Doors and Limit Entry
  • Manage Employee Access
  • Manage Sites Remotely
  • Record Access History and Easily Pull Reports

Your access control system can help track employee time or let someone in remotely without having to meet them on-site.

Another benefit is having control of the keys – for example, when a key is lost, normally the lock would have to be replaced. A secure card or fob can be easily removed from the database. Using one key fob for multiple locks can also save headaches for owners of multiple properties because it can eliminate the need to carry or search for multiple keys.

The system is easy to use – simply log on and you’re ready to go. You can manage your system anywhere you have an internet connection.

Think about who needs to be in your business daily. Would an access control system make you and your employees feel safer? For more information, call the experts at Secur-Tek today at 919-387-1800 or fill in the form below.

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