Commercial Security Systems

commercial securityCommercial security systems safeguard your business assets from fire and theft, giving you greater peace of mind and preventing costly losses.

The systems can also incorporate features that enable employee time tracking while providing greater security for them while they work.

Features include:


Partitioning is used when some areas of your business need greater security than others. For example, if you own a pharmacy and want to limit access to the supply room, we can partition the supply room to be protected at all times without affecting other areas. It’s like a system in a system without the additional cost of a separate set-up.

Total Connect remote access

Total Connect is an app to remotely access your security system. You can then arm and disarm the system, perhaps to allow access from home for an early morning delivery or repair. You can view in real time, history of events, or get text notifications – for example, you can confirm your store manager arrived on time and is opening the store for customers.

Opening/Closing Reports

Another way to keep track of the events in your location is with Opening/Closing Reports., The opening report lets you know who disarms the system in the morning and at what time. At night, the closing report tells you who arms the system and at what time. Depending on the option you select, opening/closing reports can be supplied to you monthly or weekly.

Opening/Closing exception report

commercial security access controlIf you allow others to open and close your store or office, having an Opening/Closing exception report may be a valuable option. This allows you to designate the times that your store can be opened and closed. For example, if your business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you may want your store to only be opened between 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. If the store is opened earlier than that, the central station would be notified. Depending on your arrangement with the central station, they could call you to alert you that someone has opened your store earlier than you’ve requested.

CCTV, Access Control and Monitoring

Your system can also be linked to video cameras, access control, and monitored 24/7 for greater peace of mind. For monitoring services, Secur-Tek partners with Affiliated Monitoring, a trusted leader in the safety and security monitoring industry. Affiliated Monitoring is CSAA Five Diamond Certified. 

“Secur-Tek has done an amazing job working with us to meet our security needs and make recommendations for our site expansion. Secur-Tek is prompt to respond and schedule work. We have had wonderful experience with the owner, customer service and technicians. I would highly recommend!”    Lacey Armstrong, Google review of business security installation, April 2019

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