Audio Systems

A “Sound” investment

Renovating or building? Adding a whole-house audio system can add enjoyment and value to your home. Secur-Tek, Inc. can design and install a custom multi-room audio system that blends seamlessly into your home or office interior design while maximizing your listening pleasure.

We also offer wireless multi-room and outdoor audio solutions which are ideal for adding, updating, or expanding audio to your patio, deck, or pool area.

The technicians at Secur-Tek, Inc. have extensive knowledge and experience – we’ve providing multi-room audio solutions as an authorized Bose dealer since 1990. We also customize audio systems using Klipsch speakers and Sonos wireless audio components. For more information, contact us at 919-387-1800.

Speaker Options


Bose Corporation, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, is a leader in speaker design technology. Secur-Tek offers their interior and exterior options to provide high-quality audio throughout your home — in your theater room, in the kitchen, around your pool, on your deck, or even in the bathroom.

Bose 251 Exterior Speakers Black or White
Bose 251 Exterior Speakers (black or white)

Bose 791 Round Ceiling Speakers
Bose 791 round ceiling speakers


Klipsch Audio Technologies, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, was founded with the sole purpose of bringing the power, detail, and emotion of live music experience into homes. Today, Klipsch offers quality audio products for consumer and professional applications – including cinema, whole-house, wireless, and home theater. Klipsch is the high-performance brand of choice for audiophiles and aficionados around the world. Secur-Tek can incorporate their highly efficient speaker designs into your audio system.

Klipsch CS-16-C II
Klipsch CS-16-C II

Klipsch DS-160-CDT
Klipsch DS-160-CDT

Klipsch PRO-16RC
Klipsch PRO-16RC

Wi-Fi Enabled Solutions

Would you prefer a Wi-Fi enabled solution? Do you need to update an old receiver?
Secur-Tek can upgrade your home audio system by replacing your outdated receiver with a Sonos Connect Amplifier– so you can continue to use your existing in-ceiling speakers with the added convenience of controlling the sound from your smartphone or tablet. Sonos works with a variety of music sources; wherever you like to get your audio— Spotify, LiveXLive, Apple Music, Pandora, podcasts, or your favorite radio station. Having a computer-based system means that you can customize all the playlists and music you want to hear. Individual songs can be listened to on individual speakers or the entire system can play the same song.

If you have a home where Wi-Fi doesn’t reach everywhere, you can use the Sonos BOOST to extend the range of your Sonos network. It’s like having an iPod in every room of your house that plays all the music you like—with high-quality sound.

Why Choose Secur-Tek for Your Next Whole House Audio Project?

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers to provide the perfect solution for each space. When we install audio systems, we meticulously pick speaker locations so that the sound is evenly distributed.

“Secur-Tek and every person who works there can be summed up in one word: awesome. These guys did the original audio/video on our home in 2008 and the work they did was flawless. Recently, we added a home theater and once again, the only people we trusted to do this was Secur-Tek. The room is spectacular and a showcase. These guys not only understand audio/video on every level, their customer service is unparalleled. The service we’ve received since the install has been terrific whenever we’ve had a question – they’re always there to help. Your experience will be no different.”    Steve Reynolds, Google Review, 2019

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Imagine crisp, crystal-clear audio throughout your home — and the ability to adjust the volume from anywhere, controlling it from a device you already use, like your smartphone. That way, whether you work from home or arrive after a long day at work, you can press play and walk from the living room to the bedroom and even outside — without missing a beat!

If this “sounds good” to you, contact us at 919-387-1800.