Commercial Services


There are many options for commercial services – below are just a few. Contact us for a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your particular needs.

Fire Protection

Fire is one disaster that could put you right out of business. Our fire detection systems allow for affordable and reliable protection that complies to stringent fire codes.

Access Control

Who is in your business on a daily basis? To increase protection of your personnel and property, consider an access control system.

Security Systems

Secur-Tek, Inc can design a security system customized for your needs. Whether you want to use wireless or wired products, we can create a system that is easy to expand or upgrade.

CCTV and Video

In this technological era we live in, we can use some of the advances to help you protect your business from shoplifting as well as employee theft


Studies show that listening to music improves your mood. Playing low-level background music in your business can have a positive effect on your clients.

Call us at 919-387-1800 or email for further details.

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