Fire Alarm Systems

commercial fire alarms
A fire has the potential to close a business for a brief duration – or longer – depending on how quickly the fire can be reported and contained.

National codes require certain businesses to have fire alarms and or monitored sprinkler systems installed during building construction to protect the premise and people that live or work in the building. Municipalities require engineered drawings, permitting, and equipment documentation with battery calculations for a 24-hour battery backup time.

Secur-Tek, Inc. is licensed to install FireLite® fire alarm systems manufactured by Honeywell. If you are planning a new building or renovation, contact us at 919-387-1800 for assistance in installing a certified fire alarm system that can save lives and protect the assets of your business.

In addition, your fire alarm can be tied into your security system.

Cellular communicators – NFPA72 2013 allows the use of a cellular communicator for reporting fire alarm signals and trouble conditions, whereas in the past a fire alarm system needed two phone lines to meet this code. These two additional phone lines increased the monthly cost of the fire alarm system and made the control panel vulnerable to storm and electrical surges. The use of a cellular communicator will decrease your monthly costs and reduce the control panel’s chances of storm damage resulting in more savings in the future.

For commercial and multi-family fire protection, contact us at 919-387-1800 or fill in the form below. Having a certified fire alarm system installed by a licensed company can save lives and protect your business assets.