Frequently Asked Questions about Home Security Systems

Do you have questions about your home security system?  We asked our team to answer some of our customer’s frequently asked questions – check the answers below.  

General Questions:


How often should I test my home security system? We recommend you test your system once a month.

How do I test my home security system if it’s monitored? I don’t want to bother the police. We are glad you asked that! First, call either the Secur-Tek office at 919.387.1800, during normal business hours, or call the monitoring center anytime at 800.434.4000. Your system will need to be put into “Test mode”, so the authorities are not dispatched for the alarm signal.

Once the system is in test mode:

  • Arm the system, as if you are getting ready to leave your home. Allow the system to arm up fully.
  • Open a door to sound the alarm, note if you open an entry/exit point door you will have a delay before the alarm sounds, if so, wait for the system to countdown all the way and then your alarm will sound.
  • Once the alarm has sounded for a few seconds, please disarm the system. After disarming, call the Secur-Tek office or monitoring center to verify the alarm signal has been received.
  • If the alarm signal is received, close the door you have opened and clear the alarm from the keypad. To clear the alarm from the keypad, either enter your four-digit code and off (1 key) twice or hit the reset key depending on which system you have.
  • If a signal is not received, call the Secur-Tek office and speak with a representative about the issue.
  • You may also want to read our blog on how to ensure your system is working properly.

Who do I call for service on my Secur-Tek system? To set up a service call, please call our office at 919.387.1800. Secur-Tek stands by our products and the same reliable technicians install and service our systems.

I received a system low battery alert. How do I replace the battery? If you’ve had a power outage, the main back up battery needs time to charge, so please allow time to recharge. If the battery is not able to recharge even after pressing the reset button on the keypad, open the control box using the key left on site to disconnect the red and black battery leads. Bring the battery to Secur-Tek or a local battery store to purchase a new battery and then reconnect the red and black battery leads (allowing time for the battery to recharge if necessary). Or call Secur-Tek at 919.387.1800 to schedule a technician to change your battery — there will be a service charge in addition to the battery cost. Note: If you have a wireless system, please call the office for assistance in changing or scheduling a service visit to change batteries for your wireless components.

I received a Comm Fail or CF alert. How do I remove this alert? This alert means your system tried to communicate to the monitoring center but was not able to.

Try our troubleshooting questions:

  • Have you made any phone changes? i.e. changed service providers
  • Has your service provider come out to work at your home or business recently?
  • Have you lost power recently?
  • Your keypad displays Comm Fail or CF

If you answer yes to one of these questions, then you will need to re-establish the connection with the monitoring center. Call the Secur-Tek office 919.387.1800, during normal business hours, or call the monitoring center anytime at 800.434.4000, to place your alarm on test. To test your alarm please see the above instructions on testing your alarm. If sending a signal does not remove the alert call Secur-Tek at 919.387.1800 to schedule a service call to reestablish communication — there will be a service charge.

I’m thinking of switching phone providers. Will that affect my security system?  We recommend testing your alarm system (following the testing instructions above) before any changes are made, and after to confirm system communication. Not all phone providers are compatible with alarm systems.  Secur-Tek does not recommend using digital phone services at all, instead, we recommend using a cellular communicator.

My system is beeping!  What should I do?  If your system is beeping, pull out the information slide sheet behind the keypad – it explains what to do for general trouble conditions on the security system. You should be able to quickly get rid of that beeping!  If the problem persists, please call the office. 


Security Upgrades and Camera Systems


Can Secur-Tek upgrade my system? Yes, but it depends on the type of system you have. If you have a Honeywell home security system, we can upgrade your system by adding remote monitoring, cameras, and detectors for gas, smoke, and motion. If you have another type of system, we may be able to help — please call for a consultation or contact us.

How many cameras are needed to cover your home? The number of cameras you may need to safeguard your home depends on your home design. We can add cameras to enhance your protection; Secur-Tek offers a complimentary consultation where we look around your home and recommend how many cameras are needed and the locations to install them.




Should I have my home security system monitored? Having and monitoring a home security system can increase your peace of mind, especially if you travel or have valuable items in your home. Our monitoring goes to an award-winning company that provides monitoring 24/7 and will contact the police, fire and medical emergency agencies. They are always there to call the authorities.

How much does monitoring cost?  We offer reliable, low-cost monthly monitoring. Our monitoring starts at $31.95 for cellular monitoring.

Do you require a three-year contract? No.

How long is the monitoring agreement? Our monitoring contracts are just for 1 year. We don’t require long-term contracts.

What types of systems are compatible with Secur-Tek’s low-cost monitoring? We can monitor many types of systems. To determine if your specific system can be monitored, please call our office.

What type of remote services work with your home security systems? You can view and run your security system from your smartphone or iPad with Honeywell Total Connect Services. Additionally, give us a call to discuss home automation options for your Honeywell thermostat, light switches, and keyless door locks, etc.



How do customers rate your service?  We’re glad you asked! We have many customers who have been with us for years. You can check out our testimonial page to see what customers say about us. We also have many 5 Star ratings on Google.


We hope you found this helpful. If you live in our service area and have further questions, would like an estimate on upgrading or monitoring your security system, please give us a call at 919.387.1800.

Secur-Tek, Inc. serves Central North Carolina, including the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, Apex, Cary, Clayton, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly Springs, Pittsboro, and Wake Forest. Counties served: Wake County, Chatham County, Durham County, Orange County, and Harnett County.